Have You Heard Of Methandrostenolone For Sale

To most people, the name ‘Methandrostenolone’ sounds completely unfamiliar and is quite difficult to pronounce and spell. However, they are quite familiar with this thing though by another name. Methandrostenolone is actually Dianabol’s chemical name. If you think that Methandrostenolone is a tough name then how about another name ’17α-methyl-δ1-testosterone’. Well, what’s in a name! Let’s talk about its real-world significance. It enhances our body’s ability to process proteins and gives strength to muscles. The best thing is that it shows these results in a matter of a few weeks.

When and why?

Dianabol is a powerful steroid and it was first sold in 1958 in the US and Germany. Unluckily, it is a controlled substance in the US now. If you are found buying, selling or possessing it without prescription, you may land in trouble. Still, the bodybuilders, the athletes and many other professionals who need strength training, love it. The marketers have capitalised on this demand and floated many other products and supplements of Dianabol. The steroid alone won’t give you the results. It has to be supported with a proper diet and regular exercise.


It is available in oral and injectable forms. Due to the inconvenience of injectable form, the pills and tablets are quite popular among the users. There is no significant difference in the performance of both the forms. However, the dosages and schedule varies. Before you buy Methandrostenolone, do keep in mind that it is considered a male steroid. Its use may be unsuitable for women because of its side effects.

How to take it?

Any drug should be first taken in a small quantity to test its suitability to your body. If you feel comfortable after the initial dosage, you can go on with the regular schedule. The steroid is available in 10 mg tablets. You should always consult a doctor or an expert before changing the dosage or cycle of the steroid.

A word of caution!

One of the ingredients of Methandrostenolone is C17-AA, which is tough on the liver. Its prolonged usage may cause serious liver issues. The steroid also puts pressure on your cardiovascular system as it increases blood pressure and cholesterol. Presently, the steroid is approved for medical use only.  You can find Methandrostenolone for sale at pharmacy shops. However, the steroid is easily available on the black market but the trade comes with the high risk of getting caught. The law may impose a fine or imprison the concerning person.