Since our founding near Madison, Wisconsin in 1995, Prairie Technologies has designed and manufactured specialized products for various forms of "laser microscopy." Our work with life scientists over the years has led us to continually expand, redefine and customize our product line to better serve their needs. We currently offer products such as two photon microscopes, confocal microscopes, upgrades to older third-party confocal microscopes, UV photolysis systems, and laser launches with AOTF and optical fiber outputs. In addition, we provide factory direct service and support to our customers for both Prairie products and Noran confocal microscopes. Our goal is always to provide our customers with quality products and outstanding service. We welcome your thoughts, and invite you to contact us with your comments and suggestions.


  Rat dopamine neuron in primary culture, immunolabelled for tyrosine hydroxylase (red) and for a synaptic vesicle marker (yellow). Image captured with a 60X plan apo objective on an Olympus IX-50 microscope equipped with a Prairie Technologies laser scanning confocal system. Image courtesy of Dr. Louis-Eric Trudeau, Department of Pharmacology, Universite de Montreal, Quebec.


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